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Cute cumslut Scarlett Alexis defines sex as "art, magic, revelry, and athletics all in one." One of the hottest models to enter the industry, Scarlett is nothing short of amazing. A total babe, the stunningly pretty nympho is also a gifted musician and can play the piano almost as beautifully as she can take a thick dick up her tight butthole! The big-boobed starlet says that growing up, she was really dorky and loved expressing her creative and artistic abilities through music, painting, and drawing. Now, she is living the dream, getting paid to explore her wild sexual fantasies and live the hedonistic lifestyle alongside her partner, who is equally as ambitious as the buxom brunette in the bedroom. In fact, the pair loves creating special memories together, which includes having threesomes with other men, during which Scarlett loves being double penetrated! With her tight waist, massive titties, and thick, juicy booty, Scarlett has certainly found her true calling in the smut biz, and you only need to watch her scenes to see just how dedicated she is to perfecting her craft!

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Scarlett Alexis en 'Tócala por todas partes'

Scarlett Alexis - Tócala por todas partes

Scarlett Alexis es una masajista fumadora con un fuerte apetito sexual. Cuando ve la jugosa polla gigante de Mick Blue, está lista para romper todas las reglas. Cuando ella lo alcanza, él la detiene. Él tiene una idea mejor; y la acuesta, la rocía en aceite, le hace trizas la ropa y la folla tontamente. Cuando Scott Nails, la próxima cita de Scarlett, llega, no está de humor para esperar. Saca su polla y se une a este trío caliente y pesado de dos pollas.

Scarlett Alexis en 'de bragas empapadas en la línea de seguridad'

Scarlett Alexis - de bragas empapadas en la línea de seguridad

Scarlett Alexis, la viajera cachonda, no puede dejar de apuntarse a la pornografía móvil, ¡incluso en la línea de seguridad del aeropuerto! Ella desliza sus bragas empapadas en la cinta transportadora para llamar la atención. Al mismo tiempo, dos agentes de seguridad aburridos (Jordi El Niño Polla y Van Wylde) notan que su jugoso coño se filtra en el detector de metales. ¡Deben investigar! Los agentes cierran la línea y llevan a Scarlett a una habitación lateral donde alternan entre buscar en sus agujeros y usar sus pollas para meterlas a través de posiciones ásperas de MMF. La búsqueda no arroja muchos hallazgos, pero Scarlett drena con éxito las bolas de ambos agentes. A nadie le gusta un largo día en el aeropuerto, pero días raros como este hacen que todo valga la pena.

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Scarlett Alexis en 'Perky Workout'

Scarlett Alexis - Perky Workout

Scarlett shows off her boobs while bouncing on the trampoline in a perky workout.

Scarlett Alexis en 'More To Learn - S45:E6'

Scarlett Alexis - More To Learn - S45:E6

Ryan Mclane has been brought in to tutor Scarlett Alexis and Sera Ryder. The girls aren't interested in learning, as evidenced by the way they talk dirty between themselves and cuddle ever closer as their mutual passion ignites. Ryan does his best to remain professional, but with two horny hotties staring at him like they want to eat him right up, it's not easy.Despite Ryan's admonitions that the girls need to control themselves, Scarlett lets Sera hike her miniskirt up and tug her thong aside to palm her pussy. When Ryan gives them yet another warning, Scarlett leans back into Sera's arms and tells him that they're just passionate about him. They both want to know how he eats pussy.Ryan is only human. He can't resist the allure of his two hot students as they beg him for some big Os. Dropping to his knees, he murmurs that he was hired to help with their education after all. Then he dives face first into Scarlett's pussy, tickling her thighs with his beard and her clit with his tongue. Sera contributes to Scarlett's fun by kneading her friend's tits and directing Ryan.Once Sera has seen what Ryan can do, she can't wait to enjoy herself on his tongue and more. For her part, Scarlett rubs against Ryan's cock with her feet to encourage him to pop his fuck stick out so she can enjoy herself alongside Sera. Getting Ryan to lay down, Scarlett rides the D while Sera bounces on Ryan's tongue, leaving both girls gasping. When they swap spots so that Sera can enjoy Ryan's hardon and Sera can resume her acquaintance with Ryan's tongue, they face one another and make out over their tutor's hot body.Scarlett gets to get her twat pounded as she kneels with Ryan buried inside of her. She busies her mouth with suckling Sera's tits, but Ryan isn't having that. He wants to hear his student moan as he fists his fingers through Scarlett's hair and draws her away from Sera so that her mouth is no longer busy. That way, Ryan knows the moment he gets Scarlett off as the pitch of her gasps changes.Sera wants one last climax and Ryan is happy to deliver. Cradling her friend in her lap, Scarlett caresses Sera's hair and neck with light feathery touches. Meanwhile, Ryan makes her sing a sexy song as he fucks her nice and deep.The girls are finally satisfied that they know how their tutor eats pussy and fucks. Now it's their turn to show what they've learned. They get Ryan on his back and get on their bellies side by side. Working together and sharing nicely, they suck and lick until Ryan gives them a nice cumshot to share.

Vanna Bardot en 'Spray 2'

Vanna Bardot - Spray 2

Vanna and Scarlett are showing off their beach bodies and flouting boundaries: these exhibitionists want everyone to see their unconventional attraction to each other.

Scarlett Alexis en 'SCARLETT ALEXIS Big-Cock Anal and A2M'

Scarlett Alexis - SCARLETT ALEXIS Big-Cock Anal and A2M

Alluring, young lingerie model Scarlett Alexis shows off her hot body in lingerie and high-heel boots. The sweet sex freak spreads her horny holes, strips and masturbates, anticipating a blistering butt sex workout with heavily hung French fucker Vince Karter. Scarlett welcomes the bearded stud with a choking blowjob, slobbering as the dominant dude fucks her face. They make out passionately, Scarlett's heat rising. Vince power plows her pussy, sending her lust for hard sodomy over the top. Scarlett moans as Vince stuffs his big cock up her asshole. She whimpers through an epic anal reaming. The wild encounter includes drooling, ass-to-mouth fellatio; rude rectal gaping; and a messy cum facial.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Bitching Doesn't Solve Marriages'

Scarlett Alexis - Bitching Doesn't Solve Marriages

There are people who, even at the Last Judgment, will not admit that they have lived their lives as total assholes. There are people who think even total assholes are saints and worthy of love. But the worst happens when these two meet and even decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Such a relationship never leads to anything good, unless, of course, you are a natural born slave...

Scarlett Alexis en 'Hit, Run and Fuck'

Scarlett Alexis - Hit, Run and Fuck

If you're fooling, be prepared to be fooled yourself. This staged crush promised to be a lucrative scam for a couple of small-time crooks. But unfortunately for them, they ran into me, and I'm sure I know how to capture my victories on camera. I'm sure you guys know that, too. Anyway, instead of hit and run, they had to deal with humiliation and penetration. Although, of course, there was a trump card up their sleeve that I had missed...

Scarlett Alexis en 'SCARLETT ALEXIS Anal Gaping and Facial'

Scarlett Alexis - SCARLETT ALEXIS Anal Gaping and Facial

Gorgeous, young sodomite Scarlett Alexis wants to show off her nasty anal tricks. The dark-haired darling kicks things off wearing skimpy lingerie in a hot intro; she strips and teases. Once she's prepared for action, director/performer Jonni Darkko drills her rectum with a humongous toy. He follows up by stuffing his hard schlong into her sphincter, pummeling the lewd babe's bunghole. Scarlett slobbers and chokes while giving a raunchy, ass-to-mouth blowjob. She proudly poses her widely gaping anus! Hard rectal reaming comes with dirty talk, flavorful fellatio and a messy cum facial. Finally, an instant replay of the creamy climax shows sperm splattering Scarlett's face in slow motion!

Scarlett Alexis en 'Oiled And Ready'

Scarlett Alexis - Oiled And Ready

Scarlett gets oiled up and ready to take on a BBC until her pussy is overflowing with cum.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Stretched'

Scarlett Alexis - Stretched

Scarlett stretches her ass with anal toys to make room for Brock's big dick.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Call Girl'

Scarlett Alexis - Call Girl

Scarlett the call girl arrives at Brick's house. She shows off her lingerie and gets paid for the evening before sucking his dick and fucking him.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Stepsister Gets Her Way'

Scarlett Alexis - Stepsister Gets Her Way

Jason is mid-masturbation when his stepsister Scarlett Alexis barges in on him. She wants a ride to the beach, but Jason says no. If Jason won't give her a ride, Scarlett wants him to at least rub her down with suntan oil. When Jason hesitates, Scarlett sweetens the pot by saying he can rub the oil onto her big titties. She even pops them out of her bikini bra just for him.How can Jason say no to those stunning DDs? Scarlett reminds him that she'll do anything to get a ride to the beach, and suddenly Jason is full of ideas. Laying Scarlett down on the bed, he helps her out of her bikini bottom. Once he has uncovered his stepsister's shaved twat, Jason slides to fingers in to find her nice and tight and very wet.Replacing his fingers with his dick, Jason watches Scarlett writhe beneath him and rub her big titties. She sucks her own girl goo from Jason's hardon, then lays down so she can shove her boobies together for a titty fuck. Rolling Jason onto his back, Scarlett rides him in cowgirl, then in reverse cowgirl. She gets on her belly so Jason can admire her big ass as he bangs her. When she's just about sated, Scarlett gets on her back to let Jason get to his own finish line. He pulls out to cum on Scarlett's tits.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Bubbly'

Scarlett Alexis - Bubbly

Scarlett takes a sensual bubble bath before having passionate sex.

Scarlett Alexis en 'One Night Stand Oops - S43:E26'

Scarlett Alexis - One Night Stand Oops - S43:E26

Scarlet Skies is preparing for her friend Scarlett Alexis to come over and introduce her new boyfriend. Scarlett thinks that the new guy may be the one, and Scarlet is excited to meet him. As she's getting the house ready, though, she can't stop daydreaming and having flashbacks about the one night stand she had the previous night…Her mystery man rocked her pussy so hard that Scarlet can still feel it. From licking her pussy to fucking her nice and hard, he gave her everything with his thick cock. Imagine Scarlet's surprise when she opens the door to Scarlett and sees that the boyfriend is in fact her mystery man from last night.Scarlett introduces Jay Romero, who is just as surprised as Scarlet. They wait for Scarlett to leave the room, where Scarlet whispers to ask if he knew and what the hell he was doing. They try to break apart as Scarlett reenters the room, but Scarlett heard everything. She reassures her BFF that it's fine and explains she likes to imagine her boyfriend with other women.Right on the heels of Scarlett's declaration, she orders Scarlet and Jay to kiss. Staying in charge, Scarlett keeps on issuing demands that Scarlet and Jay carry out with less and less resistance. By the time the girls are sharing Jay's dick in a BJ, it is clear that they're all in on the threesome.Deciding that the blow job is done, Scarlett tells Scarlet to get on her knees so Jay can fuck her in doggy. Scarlett gets her titties licked as she works her way out of her clothes. Once she's nude, she leans back on her knees so that Scarlet can eat her pussy as Jay keeps the motion of her ocean going.Next it's Scarlett's turn to enjoy the D. She climbs on top of Jay and rides him in cowgirl while watching Scarlet masturbate at the hot sight. Scarlett wants to watch once again, so she gets Scarlet on her back with Jay buried beneath her thighs. She stares for a hot minute, then climbs aboard Scarlet's face to get tongue fucked in reverse cowgirl.As their threesome winds down, Scarlett takes Jay's fuck stick one last time as she lays on her back while holding hands with her BFF Scarlet. She tells Jay it's time for him to cum, and Jay is happy to obey. Pulling out, he blows his not on Scarlett's stomach so that she can share the treat with Scarlet while reassuring her boyfriend and best friend that they'll be doing this again.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Shower Seduction'

Scarlett Alexis - Shower Seduction

Scarlett gives a sexy tease in the outdoor shower before coming inside to get fucked and creampied.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Sexual Transaction'

Scarlett Alexis - Sexual Transaction

Brick hires an escort to keep him company. Scarlett shows up and drops her trench coat to reveal her sexy lingerie. She gets paid for the evening and fucks his brains out!

Scarlett Alexis en 'New Extreme'

Scarlett Alexis - New Extreme

Scarlett is exhausted from her rich older boyfriend's extreme sports obsession. She's all for exciting activities, she just doesn't want to leave the bed to have them.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Cum Fantasy'

Scarlett Alexis - Cum Fantasy

Scarlett gets her pussy repeatedly filled with cum before getting a load all over her face.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Massive Eruptions - 7 Orgasms'

Scarlett Alexis - Massive Eruptions - 7 Orgasms

Scarlett teases her pussy with a vibrator and gets fucked to massive orgasms.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Virtual Stepdaughter'

Scarlett Alexis - Virtual Stepdaughter

Scarlett spies on her stepdad enjoying a Stepdaughter porn with his VR headset and decides to offer him the real thing.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Squirt Girl Dominated'

Scarlett Alexis - Squirt Girl Dominated

Young, busty brunette Scarlett Alexis looks darling in skimpy booty shorts and a tiny top. The freaky cutie admits to surfing sketchy dating sites for new fuck buddies, teasing the camera as she chats. Scarlett soon welcomes director/dominant stud Bryan Gozzling into view. He grabs her by the neck and crudely caresses her curves. Bryan strips off her tiny shorts and fingers her twat, manipulating her anatomy to a squirting orgasm! She returns the favor with a slobbering blowjob, choking and drooling while Bryan fucks her throat. The tattooed sexual deviant fucks young Scarlett's soaked slit, pounding her as she whimpers in ecstasy. This raunchy session climaxes with Bryan spurting hot sperm into Scarlett's eye! Concluding the nasty cum facial and her scene, Scarlett politely waves and says, 'Thank you for watching!'

Scarlett Alexis en 'Enticing'

Scarlett Alexis - Enticing

Who would leave Scarlett stranded? Someone in the friend zone, who can't stand the sight of her in a minidress. It looks like Scarlett is going to have to stay late, but the host doesn't mind if she stays all night.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Slick Vibes'

Scarlett Alexis - Slick Vibes

Scarlett oils up her body and rubs a powerful vibrator on her clit.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Scarlett Alexis'

Scarlett Alexis - Scarlett Alexis

Scarlett Alexis gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Cum Filled Booty'

Scarlett Alexis - Cum Filled Booty

Scarlett gets her ass repeatedly filled with cum by Brock's big dick.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Petite Bondage'

Scarlett Alexis - Petite Bondage

Scarlett is tied up to the bed and pushed to orgasm with a powerful vibrator. She then takes Brock's big dick in her tight little pussy.

Scarlett Alexis en 'Smoking'

Scarlett Alexis - Smoking

Soft and sweet, Scarlett might be shy, but she's sending out signals with her brown eyes and flirty smile. Behind closed doors, this bootylicious brunette bombshell blows the lid off her reputation as a quiet girl.

Scarlett Alexis en 'wants Mr. McLane to be her sugar daddy!'

Scarlett Alexis - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Scarlett Alexis is at her friend's house doing some homework from college while her friend is at her boyfriend's getting back together. Mr. Mclane has to do some work as well but gets distracted by his daughter's friend sending him some sexy signals. Obviously she wants his cock, but in reality Scarlett wants a sugar daddy to pay for everything in exchange for good sex!!