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Lala Ivey en 'Trío tentador'

Lala Ivey - Trío tentador

Las sexys Lala Ivey y Ryder Rey son una pareja muy linda. Ver a estos dos maársese y sentirse despiertos es una delicia. El calor se enciende cuando las manos pequeñas entran y las hace chupar su polla. Pronto, tenemos un trío completo sucediendo, con las manos pequeñas más experimentadas asegurándose de que todos se van satisfechos.

Scarlit Scandal en 'Engañar e intercambiar: parte 1'

Scarlit Scandal - Engañar e intercambiar: parte 1

Cuando Scarlit Scandal atrapa a su novia, Lala Ivey, follando lo que parece ser su compañero de cuarto, Xander Corvus, se asusta, sacando a Lala de lo que se ve exactamente como una polla dura. Scarlit descubre rápidamente, sin embargo, que Lala se estaba follando a un torso falso. El choque inicial de Scarlit se convierte en una excitación extrema cuando da la vuelta a las mantas y descubre que el torso también tiene un par de tetas perfectas y jugosas! Desde aquí, Scarlit y Lala tienen un trío con el torso - hasta que son interrumpidos por el Xander real, que envía a Lala corriendo y deja Scarlit fuming. A pesar de la abundancia de satisfacción sexual, ¿se reconciliarán Scarlit y Xander?

Lala Ivey en 'Rompe y entra en mí'

Lala Ivey - Rompe y entra en mí

La adolescente de ébano natural Lala Ivey es una belleza cuyo padre está un poco en el lado sobreprotector. Y cuando se va de viaje de negocios, ha tomado precauciones adicionales para asegurarse de que Lala sea atendida. Especialmente porque there's un creep vagando por el vecindario irrumpiendo en las casas! Lala tiene sus ojos en su nuevo detalle de seguridad, Damon Dice, pensando que podrían divertirse. Pero se toma su trabajo demasiado en serio. Lala atrapa a Damon masturbándose en las imágenes de ella y decide darle una muestra de lo real. Mientras follan en el baño, el creeper Zac Wild empieza a asomarse desde fuera de la ventana. Cuando Damon oye un ruido, decide investigar. Sneaky Lala tiene un trío con Damon y Zac, sin que Damon se dé cuenta! Y cuando lo hace... es cuando comienza la verdadera diversión.

Lala Ivey en 'Dick de cinco estrellas'

Lala Ivey - Dick de cinco estrellas

Llegando tarde a su próximo encuentro, Lala Ivey le da al conductor Sterling Cooper un vistazo mientras se viste en el asiento trasero de su auto. Cuando su cita con el pene se ve frustrada por los cambios de último minuto, ella recurre a Sterling para satisfacerla.

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Lala Ivey en 'and September Reign - Gloryhole Initiations'

Lala Ivey - Gloryhole Initiations

Lala & September are two girls on the prowl tonight looking for some Cock. The boys up in the club are just annoying and won't get to the point. They get frustrated and head to the one place they know they can get their needs met for sure. The Glory Hole, it is for these girls, where they can objectify those Cocks the way they need to and use them for all they are worth. The girls find two cocks waiting for them ready and rock hard. The girls take turns and switch back and forth and share the dicks in every which way possible. Fucking and Sucking them together is what they needed. Finally they focus on one cock at a time and milk them both until they are covered in cum. It gives a new name for Girls night out.

Cyrus King en 'Lala Ivey Drains His Balls'

Cyrus King - Lala Ivey Drains His Balls

Lala Ivey is on set for a Bang Bros shoot, but she's way too horny to wait for them to set up. She needs some dick ASAP. Cyrus came to the rescue. She loves sucking dick. She gives him an amazing blowjob on our beautiful location. She doesn't stop until she gets a huge load out of it. She proves to Bang Bros that she really can suck dick like a pro.

Lala Ivey en '- We Fuck Black Girls'

Lala Ivey - We Fuck Black Girls

Lala has a handsome Spanish tutor. She goes to see this tutor with a friend from class to get extra lessons in speaking Spanish. Today's lesson is 'How to flirt in Spanish'. Well her classmate, Chad, gives it a try with her. Como Estas? Ramon, the tutor, says great job, but he wants to really show them how men in Spain pick up women. Ramon moves in and begins to kiss Lala. I guess the Spanish way of picking up girls is to not talk and just go for it!! At first, Chad feels like maybe he should go and leave these 2 alone...but Lala has a different idea. How do you say Threesome in Spanish?! Lala quickly gets down on her knees and wraps her lips around their cocks. Both men take their turns...they pound her tiny little snatch, making her cum over and over. She handles both dicks with ease and begs for their cum. They cover her in white cock frosting. Not sure she learned much Spanish, but she sure got lessons in how to take 2 cocks!

Lala Ivey en 'Lala's Poolside Pounding'

Lala Ivey - Lala's Poolside Pounding

Todays update features the very sexy Lala Ivey. First, she shows off her tight body for us. She is looking real good in her little gold bikini. Lala knows how to tease as she walks around the pool shaking her ass and firm tits. Then she takes off the bikini and oils her herself up. We can tell this was getting her horny, so our boy Slim Poke came in to help. He continued oiling her up real good. Now she was ready for that dick. She loved what she saw when his shorts came down and started sucking right away. Then he turned her around and pounded her ass hard and deep. He followed up by giving her the monster fuck of her young life in all positions. Lala was then happy to receive a lot of hot cum on her face and mouth.

Lala Ivey en 'DEEP Double CP'

Lala Ivey - DEEP Double CP

Everything about Lala Ivey screams 'Fill me with cum!' From her large almond eyes, plump lips, juicy ass and a killer pair of all-natural perky big tits, she's built for breeding. Once she gets ahold of Ryan's dick she doesn't let it go until he's blasted load after load into her! She doesn't let a single drop go wasted, pushing it back inside of her tight pussy

Lala Ivey en 'Dark Divas 4'

Lala Ivey - Dark Divas 4

Lala Ivey is one of the hottest girls in the world, she is absolute perfection. Rod Jackson is the luckiest guy because he gets to partake in the sweetest black pussy ever. She not only looks good but fucks the shit out of him until he blows his load all over her.

Lala Ivey en 'WHITE OUT 8'

Lala Ivey - WHITE OUT 8

Newcummer Lala Ivey is delivered four white men to do as she wishes in her white out treatment. After getting to know Lala she masturbates for the viewer than waits as the men come in to her boudoir to rub and caress her. One after another each enters the room and joins in on this very willing participant. She sucks those cocks for all she is worth and by the time they are entering her pussy she is dripping wet. But if it's one thing we learn quickly about this little cherub from Chicago is that she needs a cock buried balls deep in her asshole to really get off. One after another the white out crew deliver the meat sticks up her shit locker like pistons of love they hammer her into orgasm after orgasm. In a sweaty dripping explosive finale she finds herself covered and glistened in sweet man juice.

Lala Ivey en 'I Like Black Girls 7'

Lala Ivey - I Like Black Girls 7

Derrick Pierce is a doctor and today he is seeing a true dark beauty, Lala Ivey. Everything seems fine with Lala, except Derrick can't keep his eyes off of her. She keeps giving him the signs that she is interested, but he's not sure. There is only one way to find out.

Lala Ivey en 'Pink Lollipops And Black Pussy'

Lala Ivey - Pink Lollipops And Black Pussy

Lala Ivey likes her candy to match her clothes. Maybe that is why she brought in that pink lollipop. Either that, or she just loves sucking on shiny round objects. When she finally puts the lollipop away, she lays out on her back and spreads those long, teeny legs to play with her cute black pussy cat. She invites us in as she rubs her nipples, and then makes some steamy eye contact while licking our studs pink jolly rancher. Then, we get to watch our stud stick his throbbing thick stick into that dark love lake from behind while watching lovely Lalas face ooze ecstasy. Now thats what I call camera work. Finally, our stud pulls out his cock and splooges all over Lalas face and mouth. It must taste like vanilla syrup to her, because she couldnt be happier with it dripping down her throat. What flavor is pink, anyway?