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If there's anybody who knows porn stars, it's Charlie Sheen. And if Bree Olson was good enough for the Warlock himself, then you know she's good at what she does! Despite all the controversy, though, this Indiana-born cutie is 100% pure sexy goodness. She's got a gorgeous pair of perky natural titties, a tight and toned body, and a sweet innocent smile. Don't be fooled by her sweet appearance, though, because any of the more than 240 films she's appeared in since she got her start in the adult industry back in November of 2006 will show you just how much of a freak this cutie really is. In fact, Bree Olson was even named one of the hottest porn stars in the world by Maxim Magazine. So check out some of her scenes for us right here at Brazzers to see what it's like to fuck like a celebrity!

Últimas actualizaciones que ofrecen Bree Olson

Bree Olson en 'WhoreObics'

Bree Olson - WhoreObics

Cuando Bree Olson decide dedicarse por completo al cuerpo, ¡ella es sinónimo de negocios y no deja ninguna parte intacta! Desde sus tetotas hasta su adorable culo, Bree lo ejercita todo y recibe un poco de ayuda para estirar ciertas áreas de un voyeur amistoso (¡y más que dispuesto!).

Bree Olson en 'One on One con Bree Olson'

Bree Olson - One on One con Bree Olson

Ven a ver a Bree Olson en una entrevista exclusiva, sincera y personal con Brazzers mientras ella lo confiesa todo. Bree Strip se burla de la cámara mientras revela su información privada, justo antes de ser criticada por Johnny.

Bree Olson en 'Cuidado para donar algo de fluido'

Bree Olson - Cuidado para donar algo de fluido

Cuando Mark entra a la clínica de sangre de la Enfermera Bree, ¡no sabe que planea hacer que done un tipo diferente de líquido! A pesar de que su novia está sentada al otro lado de una fina cortina, la enfermera Bree permite que su paciente explore profundamente su cavidad anal para que se sienta a gusto. ¡Una minx médica con un corazón de oro, Nurse Bree toma la forma de la cama a un nivel completamente nuevo!

Bree Olson en 'Trabaja en ese poste que te corres con la puta de Guzzling'

Bree Olson - Trabaja en ese poste que te corres con la puta de Guzzling

Bree quiere ser la stripper número uno. Entonces ella decidió obtener lecciones de uno de los mejores instructores de baile. El instructor de baile tiene una lección muy estricta y Bree tendrá que demostrar que es digna de los instructores. El instructor le muestra un par de movimientos. Bree tiene que pasar la prueba final de excitar a un hombre tanto que simplemente debe tenerla.

Bree Olson en 'Culo Sundae'

Bree Olson - Culo Sundae

Bree es una bomba rubia que trabaja en una cafetería de los años 50 y que los clientes la atosan por la noche. Tal es el caso en esta escena caliente y hardcore en la que Ramon le hace una visita y le da a su trasero el tipo de entrenamiento pélvico, ¡le tomará semanas recuperarse!

Escenas de otros sitios con Bree Olson

Bree Olson en 'gets fucked by a peeping tom'

Bree Olson - Neighbor Affair

When Bree Olson sees a peeping tom at her window, she immediately calls her hot neighbor Charles to come over and comfort her. Who cares that he has a girlfriend at home making him dinner; she's scared and needs a hug ... and a long, hard fuck on the couch.

Bree Olson en 'Lex The Impaler 6'

Bree Olson - Lex The Impaler 6

Bree Olson is in bondage at Lex Steele's house, when this 40 minute interracial scene begins. As if this sexy little blonde wasn't enough without the kink! Here she's a blindfolded, pantyhose-wearing, gorgeous blonde freak with an amazing body and big natural tits, and Lex can't be more amused. But after a blowjob, she's cut loose to show Lex how bad she wants his huge dick. This scene has so many positions, and plenty of time, as Bree gets vaginal and anal from one of the biggest dicks in porn!

Bree Olson en 'Bree Olsen Bagged Herself a Loser'

Bree Olson - Bree Olsen Bagged Herself a Loser

This week we have the amazing Bree Olsen with us enjoying the Florida Sun. She wanted to meet someone so we thought we take up the challenge and get her a hot date. So we hooked her up with Christian Cole. He's a professional bagger at a local supermarket (what a loser!), so we throw him a bone, cause he doesn't look like he'll have much luck on his own. We set them out on the Miami streets for a little bit of fun, food and KY wrestling match? Hey; If he cant bag this chick I don't know what to say. Bree Olsen is fucking hot!!! She loves to fuck and, besides her weird impregnation fantasies, she's awesome to get along with -- especially if you put your cock in her mouth. So lets see if Christian has this in the bag. CAN HE SCORE!?

Gracie Glam en 'Bree Olson and Gracie Glam in Yo-Face!'

Gracie Glam - Bree Olson and Gracie Glam in Yo-Face!

Here we go people! There is no better way to start off a week than with your favorite weekly updating site Starring in today's feature are Bree Olson & Gracie Glam. These two honeys are blowin up the porn scene all over the business with Gracie Glam's FAT ass and Bree Olson's Huge Natural tit's were all pretty sure this video is gonna blow mind. Lot's fucking! A ton of sucking and of course a bunch of Anal. If you don't like this video and then Fuck You!

Rick Masters en 'Face Fucking Inc 2'

Rick Masters - Face Fucking Inc 2

Dressed in a mini-skirt, tiny blonde brat Bree Olson takes on a team of three dudes beside the pool. The sexy nympho drops to her knees and the horny dudes take turns using her mouth, sinking their cocks down her gullet and fucking her face while she makes lewd gagging noises. Bree lies down with her head back and is brutally throat-fucked until she drools stringy wads of gag spit. Finally, the trio of guys load Bree's pretty mouth with messy globs of sperm. Beats hanging with Charlie Sheen...