Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' - Shay Dreaming

Publicado : 8 de enero, 2019
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El dron de oficina JMac simplemente no puede tomarse un respiro: después de que la secretaria Shay Evans lo rechazara y se quedara en el trabajo mientras sus colegas iban a la ciudad, JMac se queda dormido en su escritorio y fantasea con la sexy Shay en el armario de suministros. ¡Qué malos sueños tan buenos no siempre se hacen realidad!

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Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 1)
Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 2)
Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 3)
Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 4)
Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 5)
Shay Evans en 'Brazzers' Shay soñando (Miniatura 6)

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Nicolette Shea en 'La Academia de la Sra. Nicolette para mujeres excepcionales'
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La Sra. Nicolette, la decana de una universidad femenina de élite, está dispuesta a hacer cualquier cosa para ayudar a sus estudiantes a tener éxito. Shay, una estudiante particularmente petulante, ha pasado la mayor parte del semestre enviando mensajes sucios a su novio, pasando tanto tiempo sexting ha puesto una verdadera presión sobre su GPA. La Sra. Nicolette sabe que la única forma de volver a encarrilar a Shay es erradicar sus ardientes impulsos ... ¡y la Sra. Nicolette es la mujer ideal para el trabajo!

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La novia Cassidy está demasiado cachonda como para esperar hasta su noche de bodas para que la follen. El día antes de casarse, Cassidy exhibe su lencería nupcial sexy para su prometido, Jessy, con la esperanza de saltar sobre su polla dura. Su plan se desarrolla sin contratiempos ... hasta que Shay, su malcriada hermana menor, logra echar un vistazo a la gran polla dura de Jessy y decide que quiere probarla antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Después de que Shay seduce a Jessy detrás de la espalda de Cassidy, Jessy se encuentra deslizándose de un lado a otro entre las hermanas. ¿Lo atraparán?

Shay Evans en 'El grito de las sirenas'
Shay Evans - El grito de las sirenas

El pescador Tony camina por la orilla cuando ve a la mujer más hermosa que ha visto en su vida, con las patas atrapadas en una red de pesca. Conoce el folclore sobre las sirenas que atraen a los hombres al agua, pero Shay necesita su ayuda y debe arriesgarse al peligro. Después de que atiende las heridas de la sirena, está tan agradecida de que deja que Tony la salpique con su semen.

Shay Evans en 'Masaje desacoplamiento consciente'
Shay Evans - Masaje desacoplamiento consciente

El esposo de Shay los ha tratado en un masaje para parejas en la sala de masajes de Danny. Los dos están instalados, cuando Danny entra y empieza a frotar a Shay. Su esposo está un poco confundido sobre el entorno poco ortodoxo, y por qué los dos necesitan estar separados por una cortina. Shay ciertamente no le importa cuando Danny comienza a darle el masaje intensivo que necesita. Es solo cuestión de tiempo antes de que su gruesa polla se deslice por la garganta de Shay. Shay piensa que ella también podría recibir un verdadero masaje de tejido profundo, con la polla de Danny en su mojado arranque.

Shay Evans en 'Comienza a drogadicto'
Shay Evans - Comienza a drogadicto

Shay y Danny están trabadas con el tiempo, pero Shay preferiría estar debajo de Danny. Aprovecha la oportunidad para distraerse de cualquier manera que pueda, burlándose de su compañera de trabajo con sus enormes tetas hinchables.

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Shay Evans en 'My Latin Lover - S6:E8'
Shay Evans - My Latin Lover - S6:E8

Big beautiful tits are the pride and joy of Shay Evans, a gorgeous Latina with mocha skin and a craving to cum. Stepping out of the shower, she towels herself dry as Alex D. arrives home from a long day of work. Shay is just brushing her hair when Alex joins her and draws her in for a kiss that quickly turns to something more sensual.Dropping the towel to let it puddle on the floor, Shay guides Alex by his tie until he is exactly where she wants him to be. Then she slowly drops to her knees, her hands expertly navigating the zip of his trousers. Taking Alex's hard cock In hand, Shay leans forward to wrap her sensual lips around the tip to start sucking. She gets off on the BJ she's delivering almost as much as Alex, especially as she reaches her free hand up to fondle her hard nipples.Once she has sucked long enough, Shay leads Alex to the kitchen by his dick and makes it clear what she wants. Alex obliges easily, leaning against the counter as Shay lifts one slim leg and seats herself atop the head of his fuck stick. The position leaves Alex's hands free to roam, and they do so gleefully as they deliver sensual attention on Shay's needy tits and her tender clitoris.Turning around so she's leaning forward over the counter, Shay lets out a loud moan as Alex reenters her from behind. His strokes are longer and deeper in this position, milking one gasp of delight after another from Shay's lips. It's not long before he has delivered one climax and brought her well on her way to another.When Shay hops onto the counter, Alex sees his chance to duck his head and lean in to start licking. That man knows just what to do to make magic with his tongue. Shay guides him with her fingers woven through his hair, but even without the gentle pressure of her hand he knows just where to lick and nibble for the full impact of his pussy feast.When Shay is dripping with her slippery juices and ready for another round of passionate fun, Alex rises to his feet and guides himself into her silken glove. Her position on her back is perfect for letting Alex watch her enhanced breasts bounce with each thrust of his hips. As he arranges Shay's ankle over his shoulder and leans in for a kiss, Alex enjoys the throb of one final climax shattering his ebony-skinned lover. Moments later, he follows her over with Shay's soft hand guiding the stream of cum to cover her belly.

Shay Evans en 'Latina Snack'
Shay Evans - Latina Snack

Tiny Shay Evans rocks a huge set of fake tits, which means she is more than equipped to handle all the big dick Jmac can throw at her! This Latina isn't shy about a deep throat fucking before sliding Jmac deep inside her for a rough pussy pounding!

Shay Evans en 'Hot Maid Cleans my Cock'
Shay Evans - Hot Maid Cleans my Cock

The other day I called a maid service, and man was I surprised with the juicy treat they sent my way. This super hot Latina with giant tits came knocking at my door. Once inside, I couldn't contain myself as she was cleaning. So I offered her more money to clean in her underwear. This chick seemed to be money hungry cause she took the offer. A little bit later I decided to ask her to go all the way and clean naked. She agreed, and soon after my cock was deep down her throat. After this hot maid polished my cock, It was time to penetrate her juicy pussy. I fucked my hot maid in several different positions before delivering a huge load all over her face and mouth. This made was the best! Will definitely recommend to others.

Shay Evans en 'Busty Latina - S4:E7'
Shay Evans - Busty Latina - S4:E7

Enhanced Latina babe Shay Evans and her boyfriend Alex Legend are on a mission to clean up Shay's apartment, but Alex can't keep his eyes off of Shay's ass and big boobs. Shay knows Alex is watching, so she plays up the way her tits shake in her tank top without a bra to constrain them. When she finally catches Alex staring, she gives up the pretense of cleaning and goes in for a dick grab and a kiss.Carrying Shay to the couch, Alex slides his hand beneath her shirt to rub her titties down the way she deserves. Popping them from the top of her shirt, he buries his face between the big globes and suckles her rock hard nipples. In return, Shay drops to her knees in front of Alex and strokes his stffie before licking it from shaft to tip and wrapping her puffy lips around it. As her blowjob grows more enthusiastic, Shay shakes her breasts free so they can jiggle for both of their pleasure. Pushing both of her boobs together to create a channel, Shay closes her eyes in concentration and delight as she delivers a titty fuck that gets Alex hard as a rock.As soon as Alex divests Shay of her thong, he leans in to drop a kiss on her big butt and spread her ass cheeks to show off her anus. Shifting his position, he guides his hardon into her bare fuck hole and starts thrusting. With each stroke, Shay rocks backwards to meet Alex and double down on both of their pleasure.When the couple decides to change positions, Shay climbs into Alex's lap and guides herself down on his fuck stick while her back presses to his chest. Alex lets her enjoy being in control for a few moments before slipping his hands beneath her bottom to lift both her legs off his thighs. As soon as Shay loses her leverage, Alex starts pounding away at her greedy snatch as he slowly gets to his feet to change up the angle of penetration.Laying Shay down on the couch, Alex lifts her thigh high in the air so he can continue to work her towards a big climax. This position lets Alex grope Shay's bazongas as he fucks her, and as he curls up behind her in a spooning position he can even wrap his big hand around her neck. The combined breath play and Alex's angle of penetration leads to an incredible climax for Shay.Dropping to her knees before Alex, Shay strokes and sucks as she urges her boyfriend to reach the same pinnacle of delight that she has. The busty Latina finishes her lover off with another titty fuck that leaves him unable to hold back another morning. When Alex covers her breasts with a blast of jizz, Shay rubs the salty cream into her skin while wiggling her boobs and enjoying the feeling of being covered in love.

Shay Evans en 'Lubed Up Latina'
Shay Evans - Lubed Up Latina

Sean has had a shitty week, and now his wife is nagging him about their overdrawn bank account. After putting up with the fiery ball-and-chain as best he can, Sean waits until she leaves to double check on his true prize… A secret Latina masseuse! The busty petite Shay Evans arrives, barely contained in her tight white clothing. Usually, these types of girls are professionals. This time, however, Shay spots Sean's cock and practically begs him to take the extra package! With both money and sex on the line, it doesn't take long before this Latina goddess is rubbing her lubed-up-tits over every inch of this lucky customer's body…

Shay Evans en 'Sexy Ass Shay'
Shay Evans - Sexy Ass Shay

Johnny Castle is hanging on the beach with his buddy when they spot Shay Evans sun bathing in a sexy yellow bikini. Johnny tells his buddy that, based on his experience, if a girl is wearing a yellow bikini, it usually means she's down to fuck! With this information in mind, they approach the hot Puerto Rican. They tell her they're doing a documentary and offer to give her some money if she lets them film her. The hot Latina agrees and tells them more about herself while Johnny rubs oil on her tight body. Then, Shay runs on the beach, making her big tits bounce for the camera! Once they get in Johnny's car, they offer to give Shay more money if she flashes her tits and sucks Johnny's cock! Turns out the bikini babe is a horny slut because she accepts the money and puts her cock-sucking lips to good use! Then, they go back to Johnny's place where he licks and pounds her dripping wet pussy!

Shay Evans en 'Big Titty Sex Addict'
Shay Evans - Big Titty Sex Addict

Shay Evans is obsessed with big dick, so much so that when she gets a load of dude's massive cock, she just has to get her juicy lips and tight pussy wrapped around it. She rides that cock, making her titties bounce all the way to a huge cumshot!

Shay Evans en 'and Sean Lawless in My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'
Shay Evans - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Sean's trying to plan a huge surprise party for his girlfriend, and her pal Shay Evans is giving him a hand. The trouble is, Sean can't concentrate because Shay's giant jugs are staring him right in the face. His woman doesn't have big tits like Shay does, so Sean can't help but stare at them — until he gets caught! Shay's annoyed by her friend's boyfriend's wandering eye, but she lets him take a peek at her peaks so they can finally move on with things and focus on the task at hand. But Sean's hands are taken to task when Shay pops out her naked globes, and look-but-don't-touch doesn't work. There's no going back once Shay allows him to squish and squeeze her warm melons, because all that touching gets her hot and horny for Sean's big dick! They eventually get to party planning, but not without their own fuck party first!

Shay Evans en 'Double D Delight'
Shay Evans - Double D Delight

Shay Evans shows off her Double D's and takes on a huge cock.

Shay Evans en 'Ebony Teen Dream'
Shay Evans - Ebony Teen Dream

Shay Evans is a stunning ebony teen who says she has always wanted to do porn, and would ribe herself as a very horny girl. This first time black teen amatuer says that she always would have filthy thoughts, such as fucking her boss, and decided why not make that her real life. She wants to get into porn because she simply wants to fuck lots of guys. The more she talks about herself, the better it gets. She says that she loves being watched. Instead of just being watched by a room, she dares to dream big and be watched fucking by the world. So, this brought her to TeamSkeet's Teeny Black crew. Shay has a banging body with huge tits. She enjoys being oiled up and naked for the camera. Shay wastes no time sucking dick. She is very impressive for her first time. She certainly looks like she has done this a million times. Shay loves the camera being on her and makes some great eye contact throughout the scene. She also talks about how she loves being spanked and choked. Naturally, this sexy ebony teen gets pounded in every direction and loves every minute of it. This girl is a natural born slut whore. She gets a monster cumshot explosion all over her gigantic tits.

Shay Evans en 'Wishing You'd Cum To Her Bed'
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Beautiful and charming Shay Evans is ready for bed but this busty babe is not tired as she teases with her large tits and shaved pussy teasing her clit and pussy with her fingers before she masturbates to make herself cum.

Shay Evans en 'Close-Up Massage'
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Up close and personal pussy and tit massage!

Shay Evans en 'Up Close and Personal'
Shay Evans - Up Close and Personal

Up close and personal pussy and tit massage!

Shay Evans en ''Tis the Season for Feet'
Shay Evans - 'Tis the Season for Feet

When asked by her boss for gift ideas Shay Evans comes up with the perfect stocking stuffer. A nice foot job. But her stockings aren't going to be the only thing that gets stuffed! 'Tis the season to thank your secretaries for all their hard work.