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Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' - Office Fuck For A Promotion (Brazzers Audio Porn)

Gal Ritchie quiere un ascenso en su trabajo de oficina, ¡y tú eres el gerente que toma esa decisión! Gal se escabulle en tu oficina y hace su presentación... Lo que implica ofrecer con entusiasmo sus tetas y su coño allí mismo en su escritorio. ¡Es bueno ser el jefe!

Publicado : 12 de julio, 2024
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Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

Fotos de Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Office Fuck For A Promotion

Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 1)
Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 2)
Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 3)
Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 4)
Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 5)
Gal Ritchie en 'Brazzers' Follar en la oficina por un ascenso (Miniatura 6)

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Gal Ritchie en 'Ladrón se deja follar el coño'

Gal Ritchie - Ladrón se deja follar el coño

La sexy ladrona Gal se asoma por la ventana de Mick antes de irrumpir, buscando robar algunas joyas y otros objetos de valor. Mientras Gal se agacha en la esquina de su cocina, Mick entra por un poco de agua y ella ve su costoso reloj ... ¡Y el impresionante bulto de Mick! Gal se toca el coño y gime y mientras Mick busca la fuente del ruido, Gal lo empuja por la espalda con su linterna, intimidando a Mick para que se siente donde ella quiere (pero robando un beso caliente primero). Con Mick atado a una silla, Gal comienza a frotar su polla a través de sus bóxers y luego se lo chupa ... ¡Pero solo llega a correrse cuando le dice dónde guarda los bienes! Mick se las arregla para quitarse las ataduras y decide darle una lección a Gal. Él la agarra del pelo y le folla la cara, y una chica muy dispuesta le hace una garganta profunda antes de que le aten las manos y la lleven a la sala de estar, donde follan en los muebles de Mick hasta que dispara una gran carga en la cara de Gal. Poco después, Mick saca los anillos de boda de la pareja... ¡Y le dice a Gal que la próxima vez es SU turno de ser el ladrón!

Alexis Tae en 'Gal by alexis y hollywood'

Alexis Tae - Gal by alexis y hollywood

La británica Gal Ritchie nos lleva detrás de escena para una mirada sincera a ella preparándose para su gran escena de trío con Alexis Tae y Hollywood Cash. Sin un guión que seguir, hoy se trata de darle a Gal una experiencia inolvidable por primera vez con dos artistas calientes con los que ha estado muy emocionada de follar. Una vez que Hollywood llega al set, las chicas están listas para irse, ¡sin perder tiempo para ensuciarse con el semental de gran!

Dan Damage en 'Mi cita apesta, compartamos la tuya'

Dan Damage - Mi cita apesta, compartamos la tuya

Los sexys compañeros de cuarto Suttin y Gal Ritchie llegan a casa con citas. Sin embargo, cuando uno de los chicos resulta ser un fracaso, ¡las chicas acuerdan hacer un doble equipo con la mejor polla!

Lily Lou en 'Enseñando a la mocosa con su barbijo'

Lily Lou - Enseñando a la mocosa con su barbijo

La chica Gal Richie entra en su comedor para encontrar una hermosa mesa llena de flores y golosinas, solo para darse cuenta rápidamente de que no es para ella. Su compañera de cuarto, Lily Lou, le ha dejado una nota en la que le indica que no toque. Gal decide chorrear por toda la nota y hacer un hermoso lío sin follar. Cuando Lily entra para encontrar el desastre, y lo ha tenido. Ella irrumpe en Gal y la atrapa follando sus propios sesos. Lily le da una nalgada (que le encanta) y la envía a limpiar, mientras ella se queda atrás y disfruta de los juguetes de Gal. Lo que Lily no sabe es que Gal tiene juguetes escondidos por toda la casa. Cuando Gal encuentra su fiel consolador con correa para la barbilla, vuelve a complacerse a sí misma. Lily atrapa a Gal pegada a la nevera a través de su coño y decide deshuesar al perro cuerno de ella... O al menos intentarlo.

Escenas de otros sitios con Gal Ritchie

Gal Ritchie en 'Please Use Me'

Gal Ritchie - Please Use Me

Gal Ritchie returns to dungeon to reprise her role as a submissive sex slut. She submits to the chiseled and cruel taskmaster Johnny Castle and their chemistry is diabolically palpable. The sadistic Johnny wastes no time and begins to devour his sex toy right away. He examines Gal by licking, kissing, slapping, and spitting on her to find out what makes her purr. Johnny?s massive cock is quickly engorged, and he shoves it into Gals dripping wet pussy. As Johnny pounds her from behind she has repeated orgasms and tries to squirm away from the intensity of the sensations. But she is restrained in skintight inescapable rope bondage and can?t get away from Johnny?s fucking frenzy. Next Gal finds herself bent over and restrained with intricate rope bondage that exposes her ass and mouth to the whims of the dominant master. Johnny uses Gal?s mouth for a deep-throat face fucking and then quickly switches to pound her teeny pink pussy. He does this repeatedly only to periodically stop to stimulate her swollen clit with a powerful hitachi vibrator and finger bang her until she begs to cum. Pleased with her sacrifice, Johnny flips his bitch onto her back and draws one her legs up into the air so he can really dig in and pound some sense into Gal?s pussy. Johnny begins to pant from the intensity but the more his fuck puppet moans and begs for attention the more passionate he becomes. He then ties Gal?s forearms to her calves so he can really focus on rough fucking his captive slut. Gal begs to taste his jizz and when Johnny reaches his peak, he blows a massive load of cum all over Gal?s pussy and titties. Both are panting and drenched in sweat as Johnny scoops up the semen and hand feeds it to Gal?s hungry mouth. She licks his fingers dry.

Gal Ritchie en 'Gal Ritchie: Predicament Bondage, Torment, and Suffering Makes for a Happy Gal'

Gal Ritchie - Gal Ritchie: Predicament Bondage, Torment, and Suffering Makes for a Happy Gal

Gal Ritchie is brand spanking new, and has set so many things in motion to be right in thisplace, and exactly at this time. She knew she wanted to shoot for, and put her headdown and did the work that it took to get her here. Well, she?s here, so what is she going to do now;suffer that?s what. Gal starts in a predicament sitting position and held in place with a web ofhemp rope that prevents her from moving at all. She doesn?t know what her ability is yet, sincethis is her first time, so The Pope gets to work finding out what makes this slut scream and moan.Nipple clamps are added, and Gal does not even flinch, so meaner clamps are added to her nipples,and then weights. She is suddenly very timid and quiet, so clover clamps are applied to her outerlabia, and weights are added to that as well. orgasms are what?s going to crack this nut, or so hethinks, but Gal is not going to give up anything without The Pope taking it from her. Next, Gal isput in a brutal tie that has all of her body weight hanging from a few wraps around her waist. Therope is positioned with the intent of making her suffer, so it is placed above her hip bones. Herankles and wrists are pulled one way, and her neck is pulled the other. Orgasms are what havegotten the best reaction out of her so far, so we begin there to loosen her up. The crop hits some ofthe sensitive areas before using a dildo to fuck her throat and pussy to get some squirtingorgasms. In the final position, Gal is bent over a sodden horse and stretched out. She is floggedand vibed until her eyes roll back into her head. Gal is going to need more work to get her to openup fully for us, and The Pope has already made plans to bring her back for round 2.

Gal Ritchie en 'Becomes a Proper American Slut'

Gal Ritchie - DF Xtra

Will Pounder and Gal Ritchie have been married for a month. Gal moved from England to America to live with Will. Gal wanted to be more like American woman, easy and lots of group sex as she sees on American girls social media. Gal asked her husband Will if she could fuck his buddy Jax Slayher to feel more American. Jax happened to come by to hit the gym with Will. Will asked Jax if he could fuck his wife while he watched. Jax was all about it. Gal jumped on Jax and started sucking his dick. As Jax started fucking Gal, Will got hot and bothered and decided to join in. Both guys fucked Gal into one orgasm after another. Then both guys busted on her face and slapped hands and welcomed Gal to America.

Gal Ritchie en 'Naughty Bookworms'

Gal Ritchie - Naughty Bookworms

Gal Ritchie has been having fun as a foreign exchange student in America. A little too much fun. So much fun that she hasn't had much time to study and it has been affecting her grades. So Gal stops by to visit her professor to see if there is anything she can do to bring her grade up. Her professor gives her a ton of suggestions, but they all require time and time is not something Gal has right now. Instead Gal decides to show her professor how she passed all her classes in England, by taking his pants off and going to town on his cock.

Gal Ritchie en 'Make It Right'

Gal Ritchie - Make It Right

A delivery driver needs to relieve some of the tension from being on the go. Her customer thinks she needs more discipline. And maybe those needs aren't mutually exclusive...

Gal Ritchie en 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Gal Ritchie - Perfect Fucking Strangers

British babe Gal Ritchie is showering up when the janitor passes by her window and accidentally catches a glimpse of her soaping up. Gal doesn't mind. In fact, she can use a nice hard cock to help her relax, so she motions the janitor over, has him join her in the shower, and takes his dick all over the bathroom and bedroom. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.